Comcast CEO made $36.2 million in 2015, up 10 percent

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Comcast has plenty of challenges right now: Cord cutters, figuring out data caps and making sure subscribers are happy.

And after what could be considered a ho-hum 2015, the cable operator’s shares fell 1.1 percent, along with net income at 2.5 percent.

Despite the drops and future challenges, however, Comcast’s chief executive Brian Roberts had a really good year. His compensation was up 10 percent to $36.2 million for the year, according to an SEC filing reported by Deadline.

The package included $2.9 million in salary, $5.4 million in stock wards, $5.4 million in option awards, $9.8 million in non-equity incentive compensation, $8.7 million in pension benefits, and $4.1 million in other compensation.

Meanwhile, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke saw his compensation drop 0.7 percent. Time Warner’s Senior EVP David Cohen, who runs the company, received a 32.6 percent raise for a compensation of $17.9 million.

Comcast did report its best year in almost a decade under Roberts’ watch, according to The Wall Street Journal. Revenue was up 8.3 percent, coupled with a net loss of 36,000 video customers.

Andrew Dodson