Comcast Still Fastest in Netflix’s Latest ISP Speed Index

Netflix depends on internet service providers (ISPs) to offer their customers enough bandwidth to stream their content, creating somewhat of a symbiotic relationship between Netflix and ISPs. To help keep customers updated (and ISPs accountable), Netflix releases a monthly ISP report in which the streaming service ranks the speeds of carious major ISPs and any changes in their performance. Netflix recently published their June 2017 ISP Speed Index which shows mostly big gains in speeds throughout Asia, one of Netflix’s fastest growing markets.

According to the data, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia all saw big gains in average speeds while South Korea saw a few losses. Spain saw large increases, moving it up four slots to become the 23rd fastest nation on Netflix’s list.

In the Americas, the fastest average speeds were provided by Comcast at 3.96 Mbps (megabytes per second), while the slowest average speeds came from Windstream, with 2.88 mbps. Verizon’s FiOS internet came in a close second with 3.92 Mbps, while Optimum and Cox came in third and fourth with 3.85 Mbps and 3.84 Mbps, respectively. Charter Spectrum closes out the top five ISPs with 3.81 Mbps. The five countries in the Americas with the fastest speeds, in order, are the U.S. (3.68 Mbps), Canada (3.32 Mbps), Chile (3.25 Mbps), Trinidad and Tobago (3.23 Mbps), and Mexico (3.13 Mbps).

With more ultra HD offerings and the upcoming Dolby Atmos support, fast and reliable internet connections are more important than ever for Netflix customers. To keep up with changes in ISP speeds, be sure to follow our monthly reviews of Netflix’s ISP Index.