Constantine Will Return…As An Animated Show on The CW Seed

Fans of NBC’s cancelled Constantine were thrown a bone when The CW brought the title character, the magician John Constantine, into their own “Arrowverse.” Now Constantine continues to prove that you can’t keep a good wizard down with the news that the character will be returning once more…this time in animated form.

Played by British actor Matt Ryan, John Constantine is a self-proclaimed demonologist, exorcist, and “master of the dark arts” who is as adept with a wry quip as he is an arcane spell. Following his NBC show’s cancellation, Ryan appeared in the 2015 Arrow episode “Haunted,” where it was revealed that Constantine was an old friend of that show’s protagonist, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Fans have been clamor for more of the character ever since, spurring rumors that The CW might resurrect Constantine as a series, or bring him back for one of the other Arrowverse shows such as The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. Instead, Matt Ryan will reprise his role as Constantine in an animated web series for The CW’s digital content portal, CW Seed.

The CW’s announcement doesn’t provide much more information, but the new Constantine series will consist of five or six animated episodes, set to debut sometime in 2018. Each episode should clock in at around 10 minutes each, which should set it up perfectly for a DVD/Blu-Ray release later, if the powers that be decide to go in that direction. Either way, it’s good news for fans of Constantine, and Ryan’s pitch-perfect take on the character in particular. Anything that keeps him in the role increases the chances he might return for another live-action Arrowverse outing.

In the meantime, Constantine continues to appear in various DC Comics titles. He’s also one of the main characters in the upcoming animated DC original film Justice League Dark. There’s also a live-action JLD feature film in the pipeline.

You can check out Ryan’s Arrow appearance on Netflix Instant. Constantine‘s lone season can be streamed from CW Seed.