As paid streaming platforms rise, most customers have no problem with commercials

Ironically, while it was a lack of commercials that first led many people to cut cable, we could be heading back in that direction. It seems like more streaming platforms are unveiled every month, with almost every major TV and movie studio creating their own.

And as the number increases, customers are getting “streaming fatigue” and say they simply can’t pay for them all. According to a new study from Integral Ad Science, 76% of customers now say they’re willing to sit through ads if it means they can get a streaming service (like Pluto TV) for free.

IAS Chief Marketing Officer Tony Marlow summed it up by saying, “With consumers indicating they are maxing out on paid streaming subscriptions, ad-supported content will be more in-demand than ever, giving advertisers a real opportunity to reach key consumers.”

But, he cautioned, that’s not always a good thing. Over half of the people who responded to this study said ad and content quality was very important to them, with 81% saying it’s annoying when a particular brand’s ad appears next to low-quality content. But more concerning for advertisers, a full 62% of people said they’d stop using a product if they had a low-quality ad on low-quality content.

The takeaway from this survey should be one thing: people are willing to watch advertisements, especially if they’re good quality. Combine the fact that just about 9 in 10 consumers have access to a smart television with the fact that 55% of consumers plan to watch free video streaming services over the next few months, and it’s nothing but good news for free streaming platforms.

Artie Beaty