Criterion channel supports Black Lives Matter by making select films free

To show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and hopefully increase awareness, the Criterion Channel is making certain films on their streaming service completely free to non-subscribers.

The films all either focus on black lives or were made by black filmmakers.

A glimpse at what’s available includes the “Pioneers of African American Cinema” collection with “Body and Soul,” “The Scar of Shame,” and “The Exile,” a collection of Khalik Allah films, “Daughters of the Dust,” Maya Angelou’s “Down in the Delta,” “Portrait of Jason” by Shirley Clarke, “Black Panthers” by Agnès Varda’s and a lot more.

All available films can be found on the Criterion Channel’s homepage.

In addition to offering the free films, Criterion donated $25,000 with plans to donate $5,000 a month to support organizations fighting racism across America.

Criterion Channel was formerly a part of Hulu but they broke off back in 2016 to make their own service. The channel carries a price of $9.99 a month of $89.99 a year.

Artie Beaty