CuriosityStream touts impressive growth with 13 million paid subscribers

Dubbed “Netflix for documentaries,” streaming service CuriosityStream is showing off some impressive new subscriber numbers. After announcing a paid subscriber base of over 10.5 million customers in December, the service now boasts over 13 million paid subscriptions.

The service, which is only $2.99 a month or $9.99 a year, offers over 2,000 documentaries, along with several original shows and educational videos.

Of course, the new growth didn’t come from customers’ newfound love of documentaries, but through distribution deals and bundled partnerships with Altice USA and Suddenlink in America, Airtel in India and Millicom in Latin America. Still, though, it’s strong growth for the new service.

To keep the growth going, CuriosityStream is starting a new marketing campaign highlighting two of their new shows, Ant Mountain (which follows David Attenborough as he travels to the Swiss Alps to investigate an ant colony with one billion ants) and Light on Earth (revealing the amazing truth about animals that make their own light).

CuriosityStream certainly won’t be targeting Netflix as a rival for subscription numbers, and it’s not likely to replace anyone’s current streaming service. But if you’re a fan of documentaries, there are certainly worse ways you can spend $3 a month.