Danger, Will Robinson! Netflix Rebooting 1960s Sci-Fi Classic With Familiar Face


Fans of 1960s sci-fi will have another reason to tune in to Netflix, because the streaming company just announced they’re rebooting the classic Lost in Space TV show with a familiar face as a lead.

There aren’t many details about the show that are known yet, but Netflix has said that the series will star Molly Parker, who fans will know from her Emmy nominated role in Netflix’s House of Cards. Parker will portray the role of Maureen Robinson, an aerospace engineer who takes her family into space for a chance at a better life. Like the original, the Robinson family finds themselves light years off course battling to survive in a strange new world.

Toby Stephens (of Black Sails) will be her husband, Maxwell Jenkins (from Sense8) will be her son, the iconic Will Robinson, and Taylor Russell (from Falling Skies) will portray her daughter, Judy Robinson.

The new Lost in Space will focus on the Robinson family adventures, and should take plenty of cues from the original. Part sci-fi adventure, part family drama, Netflix is calling the new Lost in Space a “survival story for the ages.”

Lost in Space ran for 85 episodes over three seasons in the 1960s. For now, Netflix has ordered a 10 episode first season of the reboot that’s slated to be released in 2018.