DAZN Should Raise Price from $20 to $50/mo Says Eddie Hearn

If you’ve ever used the streaming service, DAZN, then you’ll know it’s an inexpensive way to watch some of the best fights out there. Just recently, the service streamed Joshua vs. Ruiz Jr. 2, attracting nearly 2 million viewers, 200,000 of which were new subscribers. Prior to that, the service ended November 2019 with 2 million subscribers.

There’s no doubt that DAZN is playing a large role in the recent resurgence of professional boxing. And people are taking notice.

One such person is Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn. In fact, Hearn believes DAZN is so important in 2020 that it should increase the subscription price from $20 a month to $50. His reasoning? It will help the service stick around.

“Joshua-Ruiz was three times what Joshua got on Showtime. Even in America, it’s approaching a million audience [on DAZN],” Hearn said. “We’re getting bigger audience numbers than Showtime. [Jermell] Charlo just boxed on Showtime and got 300,000. You got Jacobs-Chavez, and that’s going to do 500-600,000 on DAZN. Joshua did nearly a million on DAZN. I so believe in the product of DAZN for the value for a fight fan.”

Sure DAZN offers a great value…but that value is likely what’s bringing in so many subscribers. It sure seems that more than doubling the price would have the opposite effect. A new streaming service featuring a sport that’s recently enjoying a resurgence runs a huge risk hiking prices so drastically. Not only might it result in the untimely demise of DAZN, but it could stop boxing’s growing popularity in its tracks.