Robert De Niro Among TV’s Highest Paid For New Amazon Mafia Drama

Amazon has been ramping up efforts in recent months to compete with Netflix and Hulu, and now they’re digging deep in their wallets to prove it.

The streaming service is reportedly paying $160 million for a new 16 episode mafia drama (spread out over two eight-season episodes), with Robert De Niro starring and making $850,000 per episode.

This would actually make De Niro one of the highest paid actors on television today, behind only the three leads of Big Bang Theory, which make $1 million per episode.

Amazon’s new mafia project will be directed by filmmaker David O. Russell in his first TV project.

The deal with De Niro comes just weeks after Amazon paid $70 million for a series from Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Russell is a talented filmmaker, and De Niro knows a thing or two about the mafia genre, so early indicators (and Amazon’s financial investment) are pointing to this series being a must watch.