DIRECTV NOW Promo Code: All the Latest DIRECTV NOW Offers


If you’re new to cord cutting, you will probably find that DIRECTV NOW is a good choice for you because it looks so much like cable. It offers a robust package of channels, the option to add premium channels, and a guide that will certainly remind you of a cable guide. They even offer all of this at a price that is a huge knockoff in comparison to cable.

If you’ve just cut the cord, choosing a new service immediately might seem a daunting task for you. The good news is that there is relatively nothing to lose by trying DIRECTV NOW. They offer a free trial, and you don’t even need a DIRECTV NOW promo code. The free trial starts on signup, no DIRECTV NOW coupon code necessary. On top of all that, there are other DIRECTV NOW offers worth considering.


DIRECTV NOW Promo Code – Is One Needed?

At this time, there is not a DIRECTV NOW promo code. That is not to say there won’t be one in the future, but for now there is not a DIRECTV NOW promo code. Similarly, there is not any offers using a DIRECTV NOW coupon code. All deals involve prepayment of service in exchange for something like a free streaming device. You can learn more about those DIRECTV NOW offers in a bit.


DIRECTV NOW Offers – The Free Trial

DIRECTV NOW has four packages, and when you sign up for the free trial you are placed in the $70/month package. On the plus side, this gives you a chance to experience the very best DIRECTV NOW has to offer. That said, you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in that package. Your trial lasts for a full week, but if you do not cancel or change your package by the sixth day, on the last day of the trial, you’ll be billed for the next month of service to the tune of $70/month. So, if you plan to keep your account open but want the smaller, $35/month package you’ll want to switch once you’re sure that’s what you want to do!

The DIRECTV NOW free trial gives you plenty of time to try out the channel lineup and the on-demand library. If you like your service, you don’t need to do a thing. Once the trial is over they will begin billing you for service. Otherwise, you’ll want to make your changes to your package or even to cancel as soon as you’re sure that’s what you want to do.


DIRECTV NOW Offers – Special Offers for Members

DIRECTV NOW is a service that does not require any type of contract. What that means is that you won’t be stuck paying for something you’re unsatisfied with. If you don’t like what you’re getting you can cancel at any time. When you pay for the month that payment goes to the next 30 days of service.

There are some DIRECTV NOW special offers that allow you to prepay for some service in order to score a free streaming device. The current DIRECTV NOW special offer involves paying for one month of service in advance to get a free Amazon Fire TV stick.


Anything Else?

That’s it! You don’t need a DIRECTV NOW promo code or anything else to use the DIRECTV NOW free trial. Just go through the simple signup and you’ll be watching TV online in no time. If you have any questions, feel free to check our DIRECTV NOW review or ask your questions in the comments!