Disney+ adds new Simpsons categories for themed episodes

If quarantining at home has you pining for the residents of Springfield over on Disney+, you’ll be interested to know that browsing episodes of The Simpsons on the streaming service just got a little easier.

In recent weeks, Disney+ added “The Simpsons Collections” to available content options. Each category is a bingeable assortment of about a dozen episodes centered around that theme.

The Simpsons Predict featuring every episode that takes a glimpse into the future, The Simpsons Travel that showcases the family’s globetrotting adventures, The Simpson Rock with every music-themed episode and The Simpsons Sports that shines a light on athletic endeavors.

Of course, if you just want to watch the shows in chronological order or you want to hand pick a few favorite episodes from the massive collection, that’s still an option.

In addition to the new organization of some episodes, Disney+ also dropped the new short film “Playdate With Destiny,” which centers around Maggie, the baby of the family. The film was slated to appear before the full-length film Onward in theaters, but is now available for streaming too. Side note: the short film has a fantastic couch gag, with an animation style unlike anything seen in The Simpsons before and it’s worth a watch. All in all, the new short and the new categorization isn’t a bad way to comb through some shows while you’re stuck at home

Artie Beaty