Disney+ Launching In India Much More Quickly Than Expected

When it comes to the streaming world, India is perhaps one of the most coveted markets. And it makes sense, and it’s the second most populated country with more than 1 billion residents. Amazon Prime has recently focused on the country, with CEO Jeff Bezos noting that “there is nowhere that [Amazon Prime] streaming service is doing better than India.”

So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Disney+ is pushing hard for that market as well. During their recent earnings call, CEO Bob Iger said the company would now debut their streaming service in late March, well ahead of the planned second half of 2020 debut.

This isn’t the company first foray into the country on India, though. The name Star India is synonymous with streaming in the nation, a company that Disney purchased when they bought 20th Century Fox. Star India has a network of more than 60 channels that broadcast in nine language, along with  several Bollywood film production studios, and the rights to India’s most popular cricket tournament. It’s estimated that nine out of 10 households in India receive the service.

No pricing information is available yet, but two options are expected: a premium one that includes the entire library of original Disney programming, and a cheaper one that has only a basic library.

Disney+ will debut in India through the Hotstar app, which will be rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar. “We see this as a great opportunity to use the proven platform of Hotstar to launch the new Disney Plus service in one of the most populous countries and fastest growing economies in the world,” Iger said.