A Third Of Disney+ Subscribers Have Dropped At Least One Other Streaming Service

New research from Pipslay, a digital analytics firm, shows that the introduction of Disney+ may have had larger ramifications in the streaming world than previously thought.

In their survey, over 30% of people who responded said they have subscribed to Disney+ (in reality, about 8% of the US population has). But a whopping 36% of those subscribers said they’ve unsubscribed from other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime specifically because of that. If that percentage holds true for the entire subscriber base, that equals about 10 million users who have left other services.

The poll also showed a high satisfaction rate with Disney+. Right at half of the respondents said it was just as good as Netflix, and an additional 25% said it was even better. For comparison, 37% of people answered that Disney+ was better than Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Other interesting observations from the study:

  • Over 50% of 18 to 38-yr-olds have subscribed to Disney Plus
  • 41% of men spend more time on Disney Plus, as compared to 33% of women
  • 33% of men unsubscribed to other platforms after signing up for Disney Plus, as compared to 22% of women
  • 53% of 39 to 53-yr-olds have subscribed to Disney Plus primarily for their kids
  • 51% of Gen Zers and Millennials think Disney Plus is as good as Netflix
  • 48% of Gen Zers and 40% of Millennials┬áthink Disney Plus is better than Amazon Prime

While experts certainly expected Disney+ to put up eye-popping subscriber numbers, it’s interesting to see that not only are people choosing to sign up for the streaming service, but many are actually choosing it over other options, going so far as to unsubscribe from them.