Disney+ rolls out “Log out all” feature to fight hackers

Disney+ debuted to unprecedented success last year, and unfortunately, that led to a huge number of accounts changing hands on the black market.

While it wasn’t Disney’s fault, as most of those accounts were hacked from previously leaked passwords, it was still a bit of a black eye for the service when people found unauthorized users on their account. This week though, Disney is clamping down.

The service rolled out a “log out all devices” feature that’s available in iOS at the moment but is soon coming to other platforms. With the click of one button, any device that’s logged in to that account will be logged out, with a (hopefully changed) password required for reentry.

This isn’t a new feature in the streaming world as Netflix and Amazon have had a similar feature for a while, but it’s nice to see Disney jump on board.

So if you suddenly find your Disney account hacked by an unknown or if you find it in the hands of a once-trusted ex-partner, you’ve now got the ability to boot them out. To get to the new feature, just navigate to your account settings. Under your e-mail address and above your subscription details, you’ll see the link.

Artie Beaty