ESPN+ Will Stream 200 NBA G League Games This Season

The menu of sports available to stream online without cable keeps expanding. This week, ESPN signed a multi-year agreement with the NBA to bring over 200 G League games to ESPN+, the all-sports streaming service ESPN launched just this year. Is this a sign of more things to come to ESPN+?

Let’s all hope so. For years, sports remained one of the most common reasons why many households held onto their overpriced, strings-attached cable subscriptions. That’s no longer the case as several all-sports streaming services like fuboTV have stepped up to bring sports to the streaming world, while individual leagues like the NBA have launched their own methods of letting viewers stream seasons or even individual games a la carte.

The NBA has taken that one step further by licensing its G League games out to ESPN+. The NBA G League is minor league basketball, one step below regular NBA play. The league serves as a sort of “laboratory” for the NBA, allowing them to try new rules and regulations and train coaches and officials. Many teams also prepare their new draft picks and trades in the G League before bringing them up to the main league, making it a great way to keep your eye on rising basketball talent in your local area.

“From Greensboro to Stockton, Erie to Austin, there are basketball fans all over the country. This agreement illustrates the promise and capability of ESPN+ to super serve fans,” says Russell Wolff, Executive Vice President & General Manager, ESPN+. “We’re excited to showcase some of the developing NBA talent and bring more great basketball events to ESPN+ subscribers.”

The NBA G League starts streaming on ESPN+ on Tuesday, November 6th. A subscription to ESPN+ starts at just $4.99 a month (or $49.99 per year) and can be cancelled with no fees at any time.