eSports and Gaming Network WHAM Launches on Pluto TV

The streaming world is currently witnessing a gold rush as sports networks and broadcasters scramble to be the first to bring their sports offerings to the streaming table. That rush has been great news for sports fans who now have more ways than ever to watch sports online without cable, often for free. The latest streaming sports news should be of extra interest to gamers and esports fans as popular gaming channel WHAM heads to Pluto TV. So long, Twitch.

The WHAM Network is operated by North American entertainment company Cinedigm and was created from the ground-up to be the source for gaming news, live esports events, and programming devoted solely to video gaming and esports. WHAM offers innovative and immersive content for both casual gamers and hardcore competitive esports players and everything in between.

WHAM has just partnered with Pluto TV, bringing the world of exclusive gaming programming to Pluto TV viewers for free. Pluto TV is completely free and offers over 100 linear live streaming channels offering a wide range of content including movies, news, sports, and much more. With the addition of WHAM, Pluto TV just might attract a whole new customer base of cable cutters looking for free top-tier gaming content.

“Pluto TV’s dynamic platform is the perfect complement to Cinedigm’s mission to redefine the traditional viewing experience,” says Erick Opeka, Cinedigm’s President of Digital Networks. “We’re excited to bring WHAM’s premium content to Pluto TV’s rapidly growing audience, giving viewers access to an eclectic library of specially curated content that they simply cannot find anywhere else.”

In addition to live TV streams of WHAM and other specialty channels, Pluto TV offers a massive library of on-demand movies and television series. Pluto TV is compatible with most smart TV models, mobile devices, web browsers, and most major streaming devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV devices, Apple TV, and more.