Facebook Reportedly Working On Streaming TV App With Original, Licensed Shows

It’s no secret that Facebook has been diving deeper into video over the last few months. They introduced Facebook live, they rolled out new “auto play” options for videos, and the even have plans to introduce ads in the middle of professional videos to reward longer and more engaging content. But if a report from the Wall Steet Journal is to be believed, Facebook is about to really dive in to video – with their very own streaming TV service.

The report is pretty sparse on details, but it notes that Facebook apparently wants to get into the streaming TV game with a mix of licensed and original content. The new Facebook streaming TV app would be a system that’s solely based on video content, rather than just being a “big screen” version of your news feed. The WSJ reports that Facebook is currently in talks with several major media companies to license both long form TV style content and shorter form, including scripted shows to reality style shows to news, entertainment, and even live sports.

Of course, along with the TV style video would come TV style commercials that would most certainly have a higher price tag than current Facebook advertisements. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently not a fan of “pre roll” ads that play before a video and has such refused to use them, so it’s likely any streaming TV would use the “mid roll” ads as well, which only play after a viewer watches to a certain point.

It’s also not clear is user created video will factor in to this TV platform or if will all be “professional” work. There’s no information yet on when this TV service should hit the market, but set top boxes like Roku and Apple TV seem to be the target area.