Fashion industry benefits from cord cutting

Fashion App

While the cable industry is scrambling to figure out how to deal with cord cutters, one unique industry is looking at the phenomenon as an opportunity: The fashion industry.

“It has to do with enabling content to be consumed by whomever wants to consume it in any form they want to consume it,” Ariel Emanuel, co-CEO of WME/IMG, told “It’s no longer just a TV show. Who knew when I started in the business, way way way long ago, that a small screen right now would be a phone?”

The fashion company recently tested a new platform in Toronto and New York that allows users to consume content from shows in those cities. During New York Fashion Week, 94,000 people downloaded the app and videos had more than 10 million views. About 35,000 attended this year’s show.

Streaming fashion shows could reinvigorate the business, Emanuel said.

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