Finally! ‘Hand of God’ Gets Second (and Final) Season Release Date on Amazon

Good news, bad news for fans of the Amazon Video series Hand of God. After almost a two year wait, fans finally know when we’ll get the second season of Hand of God March 10. The bad news is that it’ll be the show’s last season.

For a while, it looked like the second season was never going to happen. The series first premiered back in September of 2015 as an Amazon original after being initially announced in August of 2014. It received an order for a second season fairly quickly, but received its cancellation notice in the summer of 2016.

If you haven’t seen the series (which is only available for streaming on Amazon), it tells the story of a morally corrupt judge (played by Ron Pearlman, who you may know from Sons of Anarchy) on a path to vigilante justice (at the command of God in his head). The judge, Pernell Harris, is a hard living married man with a girl on the side, but he’s fine with his life. After his son attempts suicide though and he feels his life slipping away, he has a mental breakdown and becomes convinced he can hear the voice of God. He decides to set out a quest to find (and punish) the person who raped his daughter-in-law and destroyed his family.

Hand of God‘s second season will be available for streaming to all Prime member, and can be downloaded to mobile devices as no additional charge.

Joe Lewis, Amazon’s Head of Comedy and Drama, said that he was excited about the show’s upcoming release, especially since it’s slated to be the final season. “We are excited to give Prime members the answers to the mysteries of Hand of God season one,” he said. “We are hopeful that this final chapter will be a satisfying one for fans of the series.”