First Trailer For ‘Fuller House’ Season Two Brings New Details About Upcoming Season

The first trailer for the second season of Netflix‘s Fuller House has been released, and it actually reveals some surprises about the upcoming season.

Our fist glimpse at season two of Fuller House shows a possible Tanner/Gibbler love interest (in the form of Stephanie kissing Kimmy Gibbler’s younger brother), and a big choice for D.J. as she decides between her two potential loves, and a first kiss for Kimmy Gibbler’s daughter Ramona. We even get a peek at the much-hyped appearance from New Kids on the Block.

Of course, some Full House standards remain, like Danny embarrassing the family, cute baby actors, and catch phrases galore. Michelle Tanner is still missing, but we do see Jesse, Becky, and Joey along with the rest of the regular cast.

Similar to the Gilmore Girls revival that’s on the way, the 13 episode season will feature holidays prominently, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themed episodes.

The first season of Fuller House was an immediate hit for Netflix, so much so that they signed on for a second season a few days after the first one was released.

Fuller House season two will be released on Netflix on December 9.

Artie Beaty