First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Beastmaster’ Competition Show Drops – And It Looks Insane

Ultimate Beastmaster

Netflix has finally revealed the first trailer for their original obstacle course competition show Ultimate Beastmaster, and it looks wilder than anyone was expecting. The trailer (which you can watch below) shows a little of what we can expect – people from various nations taking on a dizzying obstacle course.

The show is an obvious take on the popular show American Ninja Warrior (which was itself a spin-off of the Japanese series Sasuke and its silly US counterpart Wipeout), and in fact features several athletes who competed on those shows. But unlike Warrior, Beastmaster is a truly international competition. Not only are there competitors from six nations (18 from each country for a total of 108), but filming happens in six nations (Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the U.S.), with each one getting local celebrity hosts and a broadcast in their native language.

Also difference is the actual course, which goes far beyond the minimalist approach of Warrior and plops contestants into the head of a giant dragon. The course has been called “the largest consecutive set ever built” for an unscripted TV show, and at over 600 feet long (two football fields), 80 feet wide and 80 feet high, we’ve got no reason to doubt that.

10 episodes, each an hour long, will make up the first season. For the first nine, two competitors from each nation will square off on the course. A “Beastmaster” with the fastest time will be crowned each time. At the end of nine shows, the nine winners will compete for the title of “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

The concept is nothing new, but it looks like Ultimate Beastmaster is definitely going to be a fun watch. The show has Sylvester Stallone as an executive producer, so there’s plenty of “macho” from the onset. All 10 episodes of Ultimate Beastmaster premiere on Netflix on Feb. 24.