Four Netflix Documentaries Slated for Fall Premiere


Netflix has announced fall premiere dates for four documentaries scheduled to make their screen debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Nonfiction junkies can look forward to several new Netflix documentaries from Leonardo DiCaprio, Werner Herzog, and more.

Premiering on September 14, The White Helmets follows a group of volunteer rescue workers operating in the bomb-shattered landscape of Aleppo, Syria, and Turkey. The White Helmets is described as “a snapshot of the harrowing realities of life for ordinary Syrians who remain in the country, and a humbling portrait of the power of the human spirit.”

Next out the gate is a look at the story of Amanda Knox from directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn. Knox was an American student abroad in 2007 when she became a prime suspects in the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. She was eventually cleared, but not before spending almost four years in prison for the crime. For crime junkies, Amanda Knox should be a gripping look at a “notorious case that made headlines around the world.” Amanda Knox hits the Netflix streaming catalog on September 30.

In Into the Inferno, legendary director Werner Herzog teams with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer to delve into “mythical volcanoes in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Iceland and North Korea.” It’s the latest in a long line of documentaries Herzog has helmed over the decades, including 2005’s Grizzly Man and 2011’s Into the Abyss. Into the Inferno’s Netflix premiere is slated for October 28.

Last but not least, The Ivory Game debuts on November 4, executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson, The Ivory Game is described as going “undercover into the dark and sinister underbelly of ivory trafficking.” Environmental activism has been a passion of DiCaprio’s for years, and he previously lent his talents to the 2007 climate change documentary The 11th Hour.

Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’s VP of original documentary films, told Newsweek:

The breadth of our slate at the Toronto International Film Festival speaks to Netflix’s continued celebration of diverse voices and styles in the world of nonfiction. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the documentary form, and our films screening at Toronto represent both emerging talent and iconic filmmakers during a thrilling time for documentaries.