Four new channels coming free to STIRR, including Wipeout, DIY Daily & Reel Truth Crime

If you’re a fan of free streaming service STIRR, your options are getting a little deeper as four new channels are on the way.

Coming soon are a channel devoted to the game show “Total Wipeout” (the British version), a channel devoted to the game show “Deal or No Deal” (the US version), a home and garden channel and a true crime channel. The first two (Wipeout and Deal) are being added immediately while the latter (DIY and true crime) will be added later in the year.

  • Wipeout Xtra: Where the British game show TotalWipeout” airs 24/7
  • Deal or No Deal: The U.S. version of the popular game show with Howie Mandel airs non-stop
  • DIY Daily: A home and garden themed channel
  • Reel Truth Crime: Home of some of the best and most compelling crime documentaries

The channels are all a part of Endemol Shine, a global media production company. Several other of the company’s shows, like “Flavor of Love,” “The Simple Life,” “McLeod’s Daughters,” “My Kitchen Rules,” and “City Homicide” will be available as on-demand content.

STIRR has been quietly building a very strong lineup of no-charge content as of late, adding three new channels (one for classic music, one for conservative news, and one for home shopping) just last month and four more (one for the show “Bonanza,” one for Sherlock Holmes, one for fitness, one for “The Beverly Hillbillies” earlier in the year.

Not familiar with Stirr? It’s a free streaming service similar to Xumo or Plex. It’s ad-supported, but there’s never any content you pay for. You can watch sports, entertainment, news and more – both live and on demand options.

It’s available as a desktop app, a mobile app, or an app for connected TVs.

Artie Beaty