Four New Markets Added To YouTube TV, Including SLC, Austin, South Bend & Gainesville

When YouTube TV officially launched their streaming television service back in April, it was only available to five cities. That number doubled this week, as the company announced the addition of four new markets. An eventual nationwide rollout is on the way, but for now, an agreement has been reached in four markets: Salt Lake City, Utah, Austin, Texas, South Bend, Ind., and Gainesville, Fla.

The new cities for YouTube TV are actually connected to four CBS affiliates: KUTV (in Salt Lake City), KEYE (in Austin), WSBT (in South Bend) and WGFL (in Gainesville). Those four affiliates are all owned by Sinclair, who also owns about two dozen more CBS stations. No reason was given why these four stations were chosen.

There’s no official launch date set for these new cities, but given that YouTube just now acquired the rights, it will still likely be a while before customers can start watching. There’s a great chance that YouTube will offer a 30 day trial when it does though, like they did when they first launched.

Sinclair execs seem to be happy with the new deal, noting that “the network affiliate model provides great benefits to both parties.” Barry Faber, the executive Vice President for distribution and network relations for Sinclair, said they were “pleased to have the value of this symbiotic relationship continued to be reflected in our relationship.”

Also included in this deal is a renewal of the rights for those stations to stream content on CBS All Access. Ray Hopkins, the president of network distribution for CBS television, said his company was “Pleased we have reached this agreement with our longtime and valued partner, Sinclair. It is clear that Sinclair recognizes the value that the most watched Network’s popular programming brings to the viewers in each market and to their business as a whole.”