Free version of WWE Network launches today

Wrestling fans, if you’re looking for some new content, the WWE is dishing up some freebies. We first got word that the WWE was tinkering with their streaming service last September, and it looks like those changes have finally arrived.  

Starting today, WWE Network has made more than 15,000 titles available for no charge. These include recent episodes of their current programs (Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT), Raw Talk, original series like Monday Night War, Ride Along and Table for 3; plus some historical content and weekly highlights.

And at launch, it won’t even be ad-supported – just outright free.

With a regular price of $9.99, the full WWE Network subscription really is worth it even if you’re a casual fan or you were a fan back in the day. You get every single pay-per-view live (including Wrestlemania) plus every historic pay-per-view from WWE, WCW, and EWC. On top of that, you get documentaries, reality shows, in-ring premier shows plus almost any show ever made by WWE, WCW, or EWC (remember the Monday night wars with Nitro? They’re all there).

WWE Network is available as an app for iOS or Android.

Artie Beaty