FreeCast Rolling Out A La Carte Pay TV Service


Hulu isn’t alone in putting a pay TV subscription on a diet.

FreeCast is gearing up to roll out its own “skinny” TV bundle. The company, best known for its Rabbit TV product, is going to create a service that will create linear and video-on-demand channels from the free content already available on TV networks via those networks’ website.

Because most of the video is ad-supported, FreeCast officials say it’s going to encourage networks to continue to promote their premium content.

“Virtual pay-TV comes with all the same challenges as regular pay-TV, and it’s creating what’s really a dumb problem for the TV industry,” said FreeCast CEO William Mobley. “Customers that are willing to pay for a channel can’t do so unless they’re willing to take and pay for all these others that they don’t necessarily want.

“We solve that be reconnecting those networks to viewers, whether subscribers or not, and then giving them the opportunity to subscribe directly to a specific channel or network of channels. This brings back the revenue to cord-cutting, cord-shaving and cord-nevers.”

FreeCast’s service is going to cost $2.99 per month. The company is currently in talks with the major TV networks.