fuboTV is Launching a Free Ad-Supported Streaming Channel

fuboTV keeps stepping up its game. Could fuboTV become one of the big names in streaming? fuboTV launched in 2015 to be one of the first streaming services built from the ground up for streaming sports. Shortly after launch, fubo began expanding its channel offerings to become a formidable cable replacement, offering dozens of the top cable and broadcast channels for $54.99/month. Now, fuboTV has announced it will soon be launching a completely free ad-supported streaming television channel Is this the future of streaming TV?

There are already several free, ad-supported streaming television services like Pluto TV or the Roku channel, and more cable cutters are turning to these free options now that many streaming services are raising prices – not to mention the fact that there are just too many streaming services to keep up with these days.

For that reason, more consumers are turning to free, ad-supported options. In an interview with The Wrap, fuboTV CEO and co-founder David Gandler reported that in addition to its paid subscriptions, fuboTV will follow the industry’s lead and launch its own free ad-supported streaming channel later this year. fuboTV has yet to release many details, but a company spokesperson told TechCrunch that the streaming service “believes in the future of pay TV and we are looking at launching an ad-supported channel, not a platform.”

fuboTV has recently hired new executives in charge of ad sales to help build support for the new platform. Given the success that the Roku channel, Amazon’s “Freedive,” Vudu’s “Movies on Us,” and Pluto TV have had with free ad-supported channels, fubo’s channel will likely be a winner – although with all things streaming, you never can tell what will happen a year from now.

Will these free, ad-supported channels catch on? Will the big names like Netflix and Hulu follow suit?