fuboTV has 315,000 paid subscribers, up 35% from last year

For the first time since late 2018, we’re getting a glimpse at fuboTV’s subscriber numbers. And while they still a fraction of the subscriber base of other live TV streaming services, they’re still growing well.

In their first shareholder letter since merging with FaceBank Group, fuboTV shared they have just over 315,000 paid subscribers, up over 35% from the previous year. For 2019, their total revenue stood at $146.5 million. Of that $146 million in revenue, more than 90% ($133 million) was from subscribers. Just over $12 million came from advertising.

The numbers are projected to be even higher in 2020, with fuboTV estimating they’ll increase revenue by 75% year-over-year. That higher growth is largely due to a bigger subscriber base but partially due to an increased price of service (when fuboTV launched, it was just $35 a month but the lower tier now costs $55 a month) and more advertising from the increased viewership.

On average, fuboTV says viewers take in about 129 hours of content a month. Those who watched primarily on connected TVs watched a little more, averaging 144 hours a month.

While the present growth is good, the company overall has big plans for this year. They’re expanding their original content production this summer and planning to expand their service internationally by early 2021.

Artie Beaty