fuboTV Launches Free Streaming Sports Network

fuboTV created a niche for itself from the start by focusing on providing a streaming television package designed for sports. fuboTV boasts a huge selection of sports channels including many hard-to-find international and lesser watched sports. fuboTV isn’t only for sports, though; the streaming television service has been busy lately adding new channels to expand into a full-on cable-replacing TV package. If you’re looking to finally cut the cable and don’t want to immediately take on another large monthly TV payment, you’re in luck: fuboTV has just launched its first free streaming sports channel, Fubo Sports Network.

Fubo Sports Network hit the internet today in a soft launch on Xumo, an ad-supported streaming service features in some smart TVs and streaming devices, on mobile devices, or over the web. Fubo Sports Network offers a free-to-consumer network streaming live sports events, news, sports analysis and other content, and even original content which will begin rolling out in stages.

“There’s an opportunity to cater to the demand for free content,” said FuboTV’s co-founder and CEO David Gandler. “We want to be able to make sure we tap into that part of the spectrum in terms of entry-level video.” Gandler adds that fuboTV intends the new Sports Network to be “a more edgy version of a sports network,” whatever that means in 2019.

Fubo Sports Network isn’t yet offering free streams of major sporting events, but the company hopes to widen its offerings if consumers (and, more importantly, advertisers) take to the free, ad-supported network. Original Fubo Sports Network shows will come in August, along with sports-themed films, talk shows, video podcasts, and more.

The launch of fuboTV’s new free sports network follows several other high-profile launches of free networks or entirely free television services like Pluto TV. Is free, ad-supported streaming the way of the future?

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