Fuller House Fans Can Get Their Very Own Mr. Bear

Just in time for the second season release of Fuller House, Netflix is introducing a unique promotion for their hit show – a real life recreation of a popular prop.

The streaming company teamed up with a Pennsylvania digital agency to recreate Mr. Bear, Stephanie Tanner’s plush friend in the original show. The bear has a glowing red heart, and when hugged, the bear can connect with another synced bear, causing its heart to pulse and glow too. If both bears are hugged at the same time, Netflix automatically turns on in both homes, and begins playing an episode of Fuller House.

The new Mr. Bear actually comes from the North American Bear company, the same manufacturer who made the original. The technology is actually open source, meaning anyone could create their own from their favorite stuffed animals (of course, you’d need sensors, conductive foam pads, a cell connected microcontroller, batter, and an IR LED to fire up Netflix, along with a 3D printer and LEDs for the glowing heart).

For most people, their best chance to get a bear will be to win one. Like the Gilmore Girls themed “binge candle,” Netflix is giving away several through popular TV bloggers.