‘Futurama’ is Leaving Netflix

Things are getting weird at Netflix. First, Netflix cancelled two of its original series, The Get Down and Sense 8. Both series were cult favorites and, curiously, both reportedly very expensive and troublesome to shoot. Around the same time, CEO Reed Hastings said in a cable interview that he wanted to see a higher cancellation rate overall when it came to Netflix’s original series. Now, one of Netflix’s most beloved licensed series, Fox’s Futurama, is leaving the streaming service, and many Netflix customers are livid.

The news of Futurama‘s departure was first posted to Reddit, where users speculated that Fox might be trying to create a streaming service of its own given that a few other Fox series have also vanished from Netflix recently. Futurama, after all, is a Fox property and not a Netflix original series. Nevertheless, angry fans launched a Change.org petition to try and persuade Netflix to keep Futurama by threatening to cancel their subscriptions if Netflix loses the series.

However, Netflix will still retain streaming rights to some Futurama seasons. After Futurama was cancelled by Fox after its fifth season, four straight-to-DVD movies were released followed by four more seasons produced by Comedy Central. Those films and seasons will still stream on Netflix even after seasons one through five leave the streaming service.

Already, some sources are speculating that these cancellations and losses might be an omen of trouble behind the scenes at Netflix. Several of Netflix’s recent big-budget film releases have been disappointing, and there has been talk of investors worrying over Netflix’s cash flow. Still, subscribers are pouring in worldwide and Netflix is expanding its global reach like never before. These cancellations are likely just a sign that the company could be beginning to focus more on international acquisitions.