Get Paid $25/Hour to Watch Sports

Do you love sports? Do you spend every night on the couch taking in all the sports you can handle? Are you a hardcore fan who watches 5, 6, 7, even 8 hours of football, baseball, basketball, and other sports every week?

If so, we’re offering you the contract job of your dreams as Streaming Observer’s resident Sports Junkie.

At Streaming Observer, we pride ourselves on being the leading voice of the streaming TV industry. We’re passionate about providing our readers with the most current, unbiased, and accurate information on their streaming options, and that goes for sports fans too. That’s why we’re looking for someone who’s passionate about watching games to spend the next few months streaming games and sharing their experiences with us.

If you think you have what it takes to watch lots of sports (while getting paid to do so!), apply to be our team Sports Junkie, testing the best of the best streaming services and devices to find what works best for fans.


Job Responsibilities

You’re already watching sports anyway, why not make some cash while doing it ($25/hour to be exact)? Of course, this is a contract “job” (quotation marks for emphasis so you know just how deadly serious this is), so there are a few things to will be required of you:

  • Watch sports online¬†throughout the week using the streaming services and devices we provide
  • Take some notes and collect some data about your viewing experience (we’ll provide guidelines for what we’re looking for)
  • Capture the occasional photo or video related to your streaming experience
  • Available to “work” for 10+ hours a week (scheduling and workload can be determined based on your availability within the work week)

There are a few other things we’re looking for:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have to be a US resident
  • Need to have a reliable internet connection
  • Must have a TV, smartphone, and computer
  • Must love sports (duh!)
  • Need to be a good communicator (reply to emails, provide us with updates, etc.)

That’s it, really. Basically, kick back on your couch, turn on the TV, and stream some games. Oh, and don’t forget to collect your check from us every two weeks.


How to Apply

Think you have what it takes to handle the grueling job of watching sports week in and week out? Just send an email to with the subject line “Sports Junkie” telling us why you’re the perfect fit for this job.

Good luck, and may the best fan win!