Go90 Launching Fantasy Sports Network and Fight Network

Verizon launched its Go90 streaming service back in the golden days of 2015 when the streaming market wasn’t quite as crowded as it is now. The big-name leaders were already well-established, and Verizon seemed to be testing the waters for a full over-the-top streaming service with Go90. Despite being a smaller, lesser-known service, Go90 has managed to secure the rights to some well-known series including Fringe, Babylon 5, and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Still, the YouTube-like service has struggled to attract viewers. Just last month, Verizon replaced the head of Go90 in an attempt to turn the streaming service in a new direction after some outlets have described the service as “pretty much dead.”

A new deal struck with Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. might breathe new life back into the fledgling Go90, however. According to FightNetwork.com, Anthem and Go90 have signed a licensing deal that will give Go90 exclusive rights to stream two niche sports networks: FNTSY Sports Network, the “world’s first and only channel dedicated to fantasy sports,” and Fight Network, described as a “multi-platform combat sports channel.”

FNTSY Sports Network was launched to be the first network to exclusively cover fantasy sports, the data-crunching virtual sports leagues where competitors essentially ‘bet’ on which real-world athletes will perform well. Fantasy sports competitors “compete” by choosing athletes or assembling imaginary teams of athletes who will rack up the best performance statistics. It’s essentially like a gamified version of Microsoft Excel.

The Fight Network, meanwhile, covers the world of mixed and traditional martial arts, boxing in all its forms, professional wrestling, news and analysis of those sports, as well as “fight-themed drama, reality series, documentaries and feature films.”

With these new deals, Go90 is showing that it still has some fight left in it – and some new fight. By securing rights to two niche sports networks, Go90 could build a highly tailored audience for itself.