‘Gone With the Wind’ axed at HBO Max, tops charts at Amazon

It was a bit of a whirlwind day for the 1939 classic film Gone With the Wind.

Realizing that a movie from 80 years ago doesn’t quite play the same way in today’s environment, HBO Max made the decision to pull the film from their service. As a result, fans scrambled to actually purchase the film on Amazon, fearing it soon might not be available anymore. The title also cracked the top 5 of Apple iTunes most popular movies list.

If you’re not familiar with Gone With the Wind, it’s set on a southern American plantation during and shortly after the Civil War. So of course, there are some racial depictions that seemed fine at the time but look obviously different through the lens of today.

HBO did note however that the removal wasn’t permanent. They plan to bring it back at some point with a “discussion of its historical context” and a clear message against some of the film’s depictions. And honestly, that’s probably the best option – to present the film, but with a scholarly introduction about the different world it was produced in.

At present, the film is available for digital purchase through numerous avenues, but there aren’t any streaming services that carry the movie as part of their regular library.

Artie Beaty