Study: Comcast is the Most Hated Company in America

It’s a list that no business wants to find themselves on, and the world’s largest cable company is on the top – again. According to research from 24/7 Wall Street, the most hated company in America is cable giant Comcast.

24/7 got their list by compiling several data sets: the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, various employee reviews posted on, and surveys they conducted on their own.

The cable TV industry isn’t necessarily known for customer service, with the industry getting the lowest average in customer service on this list. But Comcast was the worst of the worst apparently, with a customer satisfaction score lower than industry average.

Comcast also got the lowest scores in several other areas – billing, overall performance, cost to consumer, and reliability. Just over 55% of survey respondents reported having a negative customer experience with Comcast, the second worst of any company on this list.

Bank of America, pharmaceutical company Mylan, McDonald’s, and Wells Fargo Bank rounded out the top 5, but the closest media companies on this list were DISH Network at number 8 and Charter Communications at the number 12 spot.

What does this tell us? That people just aren’t happy with their cable company, and it’s a sentiment that’s been growing for some time. Maybe that’s why Variety estimated that cable TV companies would see a $3 billion drop in revenue over the next 10 years. As people are more and more unhappy with cable and as streaming options get easier and less expensive, this is a trend that’s showing no sign of slowing.