HBO Max app nearing 2 million downloads in first two weeks

Despite the fact that it’s not available yet on the two most popular streaming platforms (Amazon and Roku), the HBO Max launch is going fairly well. Two weeks in, the service’s mobile app has been downloaded almost 2 million times (1.7 million to be exact).

That’s the same number Quibi saw in its very first week, so it’s not as impressive as other debuts, but it’s still pretty well given the conditions around the country at launch. Of course, the lack of a presence on Roku or Amazon could very well be increasing mobile app downloads since people can’t watch anywhere else, so it’ll be interesting to see how things continue once support for those devices arrives.

Like almost all streaming services, it’s expected that overall downloads will continue to slowly keep going down unless a “must-see” hit show breaks out. It’s not helping things either that the service is losing their DC movies (over 30 films) on July 1.

Not familiar with HBO Max? It’s the streaming home of every HBO original plus Friends, Big Bang Theory, South Park and plenty more. It does carry a price tag of $14.99 a month, which is a little more than other services, but it seems like people are perfectly willing to pay that if the content is worth it.

Artie Beaty