HBO Max launch is here: What you need to know

Some are calling it the single biggest competitor to Netflix, and it launches today – HBO Max.

Not only does the service carry every single HBO original ever produced, but it has the entire collection of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Rick and Morty, plus a library of DC movies, the entire Turner Classic Movies collection, the Harry Potter franchise and plenty more.  

The service has a $14.99 a month price (YouTube TV will have it as an add-on), but some customers can get it for free. Certain AT&T television customers will get no charge access as well as certain HBO subscribers (oddly enough, having an HBO subscription doesn’t necessarily get you access to Max).
At launch, HBO Max will be available for Apple devices, Samsung smart TVs, YouTube TV (as a paid extra), PS4, Xbox One, and a few other devices, but there’s no agreement with either Roku or Amazon yet, by far the biggest percentage of the smart TV market.

HBO Max is certainly poised to be a big player in the streaming scene, but it is carrying a price tag higher that most on-demand services at a time when a lot of households don’t have disposable income and a lot of their highly-touted content won’t be available at launch.  And at present, it’s only available in the U.S.

Will we finally see a true Netflix competitor? We’ll find out soon.

Artie Beaty