HBO Max offers discounted price of $4.99 a month to DC Universe subscribers

When HBO Max debuted with a wide swath of DC Universe content, a lot of people wondered what was going to happen to the DC Universe streaming service. It looks like we finally have an answer.

DC Universe, which has been available since 2018, is host to selected animated series and films from DC’s catalog plus a rotating selection of comics from DC Comics for $7.99 a month. It’s been the de facto streaming home for a lot of DC content, but when HBO Max listed the DC library among their offerings, it seemed like the niche service might be going away.

That’s not the case though, and since a lot of content that would have been on DC Universe is now on HBO Max, WarnerMedia (who owns both services) is actually offering a discounted price to ease the transition.

Anyone who currently subscribes to DC Universe is able to subscribe to HBO Max for just $4.99 a month, a good bit lower than the regular $14.99 a month price tag. The lower price is only good for 6 months though, before it returns to normal.

Overall, it seems like HBO Max will ultimately get more DC content than Universe, most likely because it’s a higher-priced product and one that’s getting the major push at the moment. That’s not going to sit well with DC fans subscribing to the cheaper service, but it’s the way of streaming these days.

Artie Beaty