HBO Now usage soars by 40% as everyone stays indoors

As millions of Americans stay indoors because of the coronavirus outbreak, streaming services are reaping the benefit. A prediction from Nielsen last week said that streaming could increase by as much as 60% over the next few weeks, and it’s starting to look like that may just be true.

Just after Disney+ announced record signups last week, HBO Now has announced a 40% increase in overall streaming. The past few weeks marks the highest watch rates for the service since last summer when their hit shows Euphoria and Big Little Lies debuted.

In addition, the company said, daily binge numbers (people who watched three or more episodes of a show in a single viewing session) rose more than 60% from the previous period. So not only are people simply watching more, they’re watching in longer sessions.

What shows are people watching on HBO Now? The third season sci-fi series Westworld is the most popular show at the moment, with Euphoria and Chernobyl right behind. It seems people are still tuning in for Game of Thrones too, as that series saw an increase of 50% from the weeks before.

Warnermedia (the parent company of HBO) also said that movie watching is up drastically as well – 70%. The Fast & Furious movies are the most popular right now with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Armageddon, and Apocalypse Now rounding out the top four.

As the quarantines wear on, it’ll be interesting to see if streaming continues to rise or if people will start to look to other forms of entertainment once they wear out their libraries.

Artie Beaty