House of Cards Season 5 Gets Release Date – And Ominous Inauguration Day Teaser Trailer

Just hours before the US inaugurated President Donald Trump, Netflix gave us an update on House of Card‘s fictional President Frank Underwood in the form of a new teaser trailer.

The trailer tells us two things: that season 5 will be released on May 30, and that scheming President Underwood is likely gearing up for his most devious work yet.

The trailer opens simply – an American flag waving over a cloudy sky as children recite a somber version of the Pledge of Allegiance. As the camera pans back though, the US Capitol comes in to view, and eventually the whole US flag – which is upside down, a traditional sign of emergency or distress.

Is Netflix making a statement about the current condition of American politics? That we don’t know. But the timing of the trailer release is no coincidence.

Artie Beaty