How Does Hulu Work? In-Depth Look at How Hulu Works



When people think of streaming services, Hulu is usually one of the first ones they mention. I know for me, it’s Netflix, Hulu, and then Amazon Prime. Hulu has been around for around a decade, and is currently available in multiple languages. If you’re a TV fan and you want a way to watch hundreds of new episodes every week, it’s hard to find a better option than Hulu.

If you’re new to streaming, you might be looking for more information on Hulu. You might want to know how Hulu works. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. If you’ve been asking how does Hulu work on my TV, we can tell you that, too. Focusing on Hulu, this guide will answer the questions you have and fill you in on all the details.


How Does Hulu Work: What is Hulu?

Hulu is a streaming service consisting of two components. There’s the traditional Hulu that everyone is used to and the newest Hulu offering, in the form of Live TV. In terms of the streaming service Hulu offers hundreds of new TV show episodes each week. Working with cable and local channels they ensure that you get your TV fix each week.

Hulu is a cord cutters paradise. The on-demand version is inexpensive, comes with a free trial, and offers a mix of praised originals, TV episodes and full seasons across a variety of networks, and a movie library. Live TV offers similar offerings with 50 channels with a cloud-based DVR, and the on-demand options are included in your package.


How Does Hulu Work?

If you’re familiar with streaming services, you are familiar with how Hulu works. If not, how does Hulu work might be a question that takes a few minutes to solve. When you visit Hulu, you can choose between looking for TV or Movies. When you’re looking up one, you won’t find the other. The TV section also includes Hulu Originals. When you watch Hulu online, the service will keep track of the next episode you’re on or where you left off on a movie, so you can pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

Hulu does have ads/commercials that play during the episodes you watch. However, you can pay more if you want to remove them. In terms of on-demand, the traditional membership with ads is $8/month and if you opt for no commercials it’s $12/month. A similar deal is available with live streaming TV, with packages available at $40 and $44 each month.

Once your free trial is in place, it’s as simple as making a profile and choosing what you want to watch. Hulu allows 5 profiles per account, so if you’re sharing with friends or family, your shows will be saved according to how you are watching them. As you’re watching shows they will be placed in the watchlist. When you sign on it will show you new episodes that are available or how many episodes you have to watch, in total, before you’re caught up. The more shows that you watch, the better Hulu gets you, and can help recommend things that you would probably like.

You can also add-on Showtime, which gives you access to every movie and TV show that you’d get with Showtime Anytime. So, everything that a cable user would receive from Showtime’s on-demand service, you’d receive on Hulu. This includes access to all previously aired Showtime series episodes.

As mentioned briefly above, you will receive a free trial upon signup. The length of the free trial sometimes varies, but at the very least you’ll have a free 7-days to get used to Hulu and see if it’s for you.


Devices: How Does Hulu Work on My TV?

Hulu works on your computer, but you can also stream it through most streaming devices. Mobile devices and tablets, both Apple and android, have Hulu apps. If you want to watch on your TV, there are ways to do that, too. If you want to watch on TV, your options include:

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox and other Game Systems
  • Smart TVs

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of ways that you can watch Hulu on your TV. It’s just as easy as watching on your other devices. Generally, it’s one sign-in and then on future sign-ins your account is recognized and you can start watching immediately!


How Hulu Works: Step By Step

Hopefully you have an answer to the question, how does Hulu work, but if not, this section will give you a step-by-step rundown.

  1. Sign up for Hulu’s free trial
  2. Pick your plan between Commercials ($7.99/month), Commercial-Free ($11.99/month) or one of the live stream options
  3. Add Showtime if you want it
  4. Use the device of your choice to sign in to your Hulu account
  5. Use the Hulu menus to choose the show/movie you want to watch
  6. Enjoy your show!

Remember, that you don’t have to commit to Hulu in any way. You can cancel any time that you wish. So, make sure to give their free trial offer a shot to test the service for free!