How to watch the Pac-12 Men’s basketball tournament online

The Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament starts Wednesday, March 11, from the Spring Center in Kansas City, Mo. and if there’s one conference people are going to be watching, it’s this one.

There are several NCAA tournament shoo-ins like UCLA, Oregon, USC and Arizona State, and several teams like Arizona and Colorado that are hoping to make enough noise to get a ticket of their own.

Interested in watching the action? You should know that 8 of the 11 games will be on Pac-12 Networks with the final three games on FS1. If you’ve cut cable though, you do still have several options for streaming the Pac-12 Men’s basketball tournament online.

Hulu Live
Hulu Live hasn’t had its streaming television service for long, but it’s become quite popular since rollout. It costs $54.99 a month if you subscribe, but you get just as many channels as regular cable, including FS1 and Pac-12 Network. But, you can sign up for a free trial just to stream the Pac-12 tournament online. You’ll need a card to do so, but as long as you cancel before your trial is up, you won’t be charged.

AT&T TV the newest name in the streaming television game, and it does have a smaller channel lineup than others, at only 35 live stations. But, the price reflects that at a cool $15 a month. You can get the channels you need to stream the Pac-12 tournament with AT&T TV, and there’s a totally free trial available just to take a test run.

Sling TV
Sling TV has the Pac-12 Network and FS1 in their lineup, so you can stream the Pac-12 tournament there as well. Sling TV has been a staple in the streaming television industry for a while now, and they’re about as reliable as it gets. Prices vary depending on the package you choose, but they do have plans that start as low as $20, with some specials just for the March Madness season. Sling TV does have a free trial if you’re a new customer.

Artie Beaty