Stuck at home? Here’s how to try every major streaming service for free.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suddenly have a lot more time at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, you may very well watch everything you want to on whatever platform you use.

Nielsen estimates streaming may rise as much as 60% during this time, but I think it’s safe to say it’ll increase a lot more than that as more and more restrictions come down. But, if you’ve streamed Stranger Things, binged Narcos, and watched all the Love is Blind you can handle, you might be looking for something new.

Fortunately, almost all the major streaming services give you a chance to test drive things completely free. All you need is a credit/debit card and an e-mail address that hasn’t been used for that service.  

CBS All-Access

With their recent hit original Picard, last year’s original Star Trek Discovery and original Twilight Zone reboot leading the way, CBS All-Access is a great option if you’re looking for new content. It carries over 12,000 episodes of your favorite CBS shows (including Survivor and Big Brother) as well. You can try out the service totally free for one week.

You’ve no doubt heard about Disney+ when it made its massive debut last year. There’s no surprise what kind of content you’ll find here – everything Disney – but you may be surprised to know that due to schools shutting down across the nation, Disney has started to bring new releases straight to the service. Frozen II was expected to launch on DVD later this year, but it’s now on the streaming service, and theatrical release Onward will hit the service in early April. You can try Disney+ free for one week.

Sling TV

SlingTV, perhaps the best known cable alternative, carries dozens of live television channels. In most markets, it even has your local networks live as well. They offer a 7 day free trial.

Hulu Live
Hulu Live is another live TV option, and one that’s pretty new to the scene. They offer over 65 top channels live, including locals. Hulu Live offers a 7 day free test run.


Separate from their live TV service, Hulu’s regular on demand service (similar to Netflix) offers a test period too. But while Hulu TV gives you one week, regular Hulu lets you test things for a whole month! You’ll find TV favorites like King of the Hill and Brooklyn Nine-Nine along with original shows like Castle Rock.


This live television service just launched, and while it doesn’t carry as many channels as the others, their regular price reflects that. AT&T has around 35 networks all live, with a variety of options. There’s a one week free trial offered.

Artie Beaty