Hulu and Amazon Gaining on Netflix In Terms of Customer Satisfaction

Netflix is still the king of streaming by a wide margin. It’s the most well known, has the largest library, has the best original content (according to fans), it has the most subscribers, and it’s the service customers are most satisfied with. But other companies are starting to close the gap on that last front.

According to new numbers, customer satisfaction scores for rivals Amazon and Hulu are now almost equal to Netflix. Just a few years ago, Netflix had a huge lead over their competition when it came to keeping customers happy. They’re still on top today, but just marginally. Does this mean Netflix is declining? Not at all, as their numbers has stayed steady. It just means people are more and more satisfied with Amazon and Hulu.

But even though customer satisfaction scores were nearly the same, Netflix still leads the way in a lot of other important categories. Netflix wins in customer satisfaction with price and the lack of ads, plus wins in satisfaction with original shows and films. About 50% of Netflix customers enjoy the service’s original shows, compared to just 35% for Hulu and 33% for Amazon.

Netflix did receive more Emmy nominations in 2016 than not just their streaming competition, but more than even ABC, CBS or NBC. But Amazon gained major point in this category on their own, winning Academy Award nominations for two of their original feature films: The Salesman and Manchester by the Sea. Amazon and Netflix each earned five Golden Globe nominations for their shows.
One of the biggest takeaways from these new numbers is that almost 50% of people who use the internet in the US will watch content on Netflix at least one time a month in 2017 – the largest audience of any video service. 31% of internet users will watch Amazon content at least once a month.