Hulu and Robert Downey, Jr. Announce Vertigo Comics Series Sweet Tooth

Marvel may have announced the end of a few of their series Netflix (not to mention next year’s Disneypocalypse), but that hasn’t stopped the comic book adaptations from continuing to proliferate in the streaming world. The latest comic book adaptation to be announced is Vertigo Comics’ Sweet Tooth, an Eisner-nominated series written and drawn by Jeff Lemire which ran from 2009-2013. The series is set to appear on Hulu and has one of the biggest names in the comic book cinematic universe attached to it: Robert Downey, Jr.

Sweet Tooth is a coming of age tale about a human/deer hybrid named Gus who leaves his idyllic home only to find that the world outside has been destroyed by some sort of apocalyptic event. Gus soon teams up with a gang of misfit hybrids in search of answers about what happened to the Earth. Along the way, the team discovers that all might not be what it seems and that a vast conspiracy to keep the truth hidden might be afoot. The series has been described as “Mad Max meets Bambi” and was nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for new series in 2010.

Hulu has ordered a pilot for the series which is set to be produced by Team Downey, the Warner Bros. production company founded by Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife Susan. This will be the second Hulu comic book series beyond Marvel’s Runaway series, the second season of which is set to premiere next month. Sweet Tooth is the latest in a recent string of Vertigo productions to hit screens both small and large: Constantine, A History of Violence, V for Vendetta, iZombie, Lucifer, and Preacher are all adapted from Vertigo comic series. Another Vertigo property, Survivor’s Club, is in the works for the CW.

The Sweet Tooth pilot has yet to be given a release date.