Hulu Android App Adds ‘Daydream’ VR Support

When Google announced the launch of their Daydream Virtual Reality device in early October, there were several video partners (like YouTube and Google Movies) that garnered a lot of attention, but no real streaming video partners like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

One of the biggest names in streaming has joined that list of supported providers though, as Hulu officially updated their Android app to support Daydream today. It’s the first of the six major streaming companies to officially roll out Daydream support.

What does this mean? It means that Hulu’s specially designed VR content (two shows have been announced) will work perfectly with Google’s new device. When a subscriber uses Hulu with Daydream, they’ll be greeted by a virtual 360 degree “living room” of sorts where they can choose the content they want to watch.

To test out Hulu’s new application, users will need either a Google Pixel phone or a Daydream device. More smartphones are expected to adopt compatibility over time though.