Hulu’s Live TV Service Will Cost $39.99 A Month


When Hulu announced their upcoming live TV service, most experts predicted it would fall right in line with their competitors and cost around $30 to $40 a month for the base package. According to a source with knowledge of the plan, it looks like that’s exactly where the price will fall: $39.99 a month. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins made a statement back in January that they hoped to keep the service under $40 a month, and it appears they’ve succeeded in doing that – just barely.

Hulu‘s live TV service is designed to be a cable television alternative, streaming over the internet instead of an actual cable, though. It will be competing directly with Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube’s new service. The $39.99 a month plan will include ads, but will give subscribers access to Hulu’s entire on demand library, plus Hulu original shows, live network broadcasts, and on demand content from broadcasters.

Hulu’s live TV service will have a limited amount of recording space included in the basic plan, a feature that most of their competitors are offering as well. It won’t be a “true” DVR service though, as fast-forwarding won’t be allowed (likely due to rights issues, something other services have faces as well). There will be an add on package that includes up to 200 hours of DVR recordings, plus unlimited simultaneous streams. That add on is projected to cost less than $20 a month.

The current price isn’t set in stone, and could likely come down a little. But certainly don’t expect it to increase above the $40 mark. In a markets that’s fiercely competitive all of a sudden, under $40 seems to be the sweet spot for entry level service.

As far as an “official ” statement, a Hulu spokesperson said they’re still building their live content package and haven’t finalized a price yet.