Hulu Announces Updates to New Hulu TV

One of the new features is an "All Caught Up" badge. One of the new features is an “All Caught Up” badge.

Just two weeks ago, Hulu launched the beta version of its new Hulu Live TV service. For $40 a month, subscribers can view 50 different live TV channels featuring a wide selection of linear content from major cable networks and even some local programming based on users’ locations. The reviews for the service have so far been generally favorable, with Gizmodo going so far as to call it the best cable-cutting option yet. Not content with their newfound success, however, Hulu has recently announced a host of updates that will bring some welcome new features to its interface.

According to a Hulu press release, the new update is in response to the initial customer feedback the company has received. Hulu says the updates will “make navigation easier and give you more granular control of your viewing progress.” Here are some of the biggest changes Hulu has rolled out:

Autoplay Disable

Anyone who has ever watched a whole season of a series in one day knows how convenient Hulu’s autoplay feature is. However, there are times when users might want to just watch a single episode at a time. Hulu’s new update now allows users to disable the autoplay feature in their preferences.

Viewing Progress Indicator

Hulu’s interface will now let users know when they are caught up on any given series. If there are new episodes to view, the Hulu app will let users know; on the other hand, if users have already binged their way through the most current episodes, the series icon will display “All Caught Up.”

New Episode Badges

The new Hulu update will now display a badge over series icons to let users know when a new episode is available. The badges should begin appearing over the next weeks as the update is implemented across all of Hulu’s supported platforms.

In addition to these major overhauls, users might notice a number of minor tweaks to Hulu’s operating system and interface. As Hulu’s original content and Live TV service continue to attract new subscribers and collect feedback, it’s likely we can expect more updates in the coming months.