Hulu To Begin Streaming Live CBS Programming

Several companies are rolling out new live TV streaming services, and one of the newest just announced a major addition. As a part of their planned TV service, Hulu has signed a major deal with CBS to live stream some of television’s most watched shows.

To compete a little more heavily with SlingTV, Vue, and DirecTV, Hulu has an “over the top” channel package set to launch in the next few months. Hulu’s chief executive Mike Hopkins said that it’s important to have viewer’s favorite networks and shows for a live TV service to succeed, including sports and scripted programming, and added that “CBS’ programming is absolutely vital to that mix.”

All CBS programming, including NFL football and the NCAA basketball championship will be included, plus other live events like the Grammys.

CBS has for many years been the only major TV network to not deal with Hulu. That’s likely because Hulu is owned by Fox, ABC, and NBCU, CBS’ long standing rivals.

This doesn’t mean that on demand episodes of shows will be available though. Shows like Big Bang Theory and NCIS will still be available through CBS All Access, which currently has about 1 million subscribers.