Hulu Casts School Shooting Drama ‘Crash & Burn’

Netflix scored big with its recent teen drama, 13 Reasons Why. The series has been praised not only for its writing and production, but also for its brave portrayal of teen suicide and the effect it can have on an entire community. Not to be outdone by the streaming leader, Hulu is producing their own upcoming teen drama which depicts another controversial and devastating subject matter: school shootings. The series is called Crash & Burn and is based off of Michael Hassan’s 2013 novel of the same name. Hulu has now announced the lead cast for Crash & Burn, bringing in a host of familiar faces for the project.

Crash & Burn centers around Steven “Crash” Crashinsky, a high school student who prevents a classmate from attacking their school with assault rifles and explosives. Crashinsky shoots to nationwide fame following his heroic actions, but secrets and lies surrounding the events haunt Crash for years to come. At his father’s advice, Steven begins writing a book about the events in order to lay it all bare and find closure.

The Hulu series changes the names of some of the characters but keeps the events of the story basically intact. Steven Crashinsky is now “Steve Newman” and will be played by Alex Fitzalan (Slender Man). Sebastian Chacon (Mr. Robot, Gotham), will play JR Lopez, the would-be shooter stopped by Newman, while Alex Wolff (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) will play Newman’s and Lopez’s mutual friend Gabriel. Camila Perez (Gotham, The Path) will round out the cast as Roxanne Lopez, JR’s older sister.

Crash & Burn is being produced by Sony TV and is created by Aaron Zelman (Damages). Alan Gasmer (Vikings) and Peter Jaysen (American Playboy) will executive produce alongside Zelman.

The pilot episode of Crash & Burn is expected to premiere on Hulu this September. Could Hulu have found its own 13 Reasons Why?